NEW: We have just released the River Habitat Survey Toolbox software to help practitioners with habitat assessment for the Water Framework Directive, Planning Applications, River Restoration and more.  The software is on a free trial for 30 days. Download here

RHS toolbox data input form

We offer services in freshwater and marine hydromorphology, geomorphology, ecology, flood risk mapping, GIS, decision support and software development.

We can deliver technical surveys, spatial data analyses, flood risk mapping, hydrological and ecological models, and produce decision support tools for operational and strategic work tailored to organisational needs and objectives.

We offer access to a network of highly skilled professionals in the field of hydromorphology, geomorphology, hydrology, ecology, GIS and software development.

We have extensive experience in running and delivering applied R&D projects for public and private sector organisations in the UK and further afield. We have developed software and tools for managing freshwater and marine habitats and for delivering strategic and operational objectives such as those required by the Water Framework Directive.

We also provide specialist advice and training on hydromorphological, ecological, geomorphological, flood risk mapping and river restoration issues as well as on survey design, River Habitat Survey, data collection, data analyses, modelling and GIS.